Peugeot Panama’s picture puzzles confound its Pinterest followers

Peugeot Panama invites consumers to follow it on Pinterest for a chance to win “cool Peugeot kits” by completing picture puzzles of its cars. Players look on the automaker’s website or Facebook page for any of one of four photo pieces, create a Pinterest board for the contest and begin pinning away. The first five contestants to complete the puzzle and share it with Peugeot win a prize.

It sounds fun and enticing enough, but the game is nearly impossible to figure out. Once users manage to understand the instructions, the technology is glitchy and inconvenient to use. First, Pinterest does not allow pinning directly from Facebook. Also, many of Peugeot’s pages do not work. However, the campaign gets points for originality, creativity and pioneering a Pinterest campaign.

Peugeot moderators were quick to respond to questions and comments about the game and technical issues, and reassured users that it was working on fixes.

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