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Champ Hotel: blending Sonora’s past with contemporary elegance

"Sonora Elegance"
“Sonora Elegance”

The Champ Hotel, at the center of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, has been renovated by well-known Mexican graphic designer, Jesús López. The renovated luxury hotel offers beautiful modern suites, a top-class fitness center, and a stunning rooftop bar, while maintaining a connection to its city’s heritage.

Drawing inspiration from Hermosillo’s urban and rural cultures, López has intricately woven this into the hotel design, creating a unique ambiance. Whether it’s relaxing by the pool surrounded by indigenous artwork, dining in exquisite surroundings, or walking through the grand lobby, guests will experience an exceptional blend of ancient and contemporary.

This hotel’s refurbishment is in honor of Rodolfo Campodónico, popularly known as ‘Champ’, a highly-respected waltz composer who has intensely influenced local culture. Elements of Champ’s legacy are showcased throughout the hotel, which is located on the street named after him, transforming it into a loving homage to his artistic spirit.

López’s approach to design infuses his love for his hometown of Hermosillo, repeatedly incorporating local elements. His aim is to share Hermosillo’s unique architectural features with a global audience, in turn, promoting local art, culture, and commerce.

A crucial aspect of the facelift is the subtle color palette selected to mirror the northern Mexican landscape.

Blending Sonora’s heritage with modern elegance

López has carefully chosen a spectrum of shades to retain a connection with the local environment, leading to a profound sense of tranquility and a heightened connection to the landscape for guests.

At night, a new lighting system illuminates these beautiful shades and hues, demonstrating the hotel’s stunning reflection of the northern Mexican terrain in both daylight and nighttime. This attentive detailing creates an unforgettable experience for guests, connecting them deeply to the locale’s history and atmosphere.

Every element of the design, down to the hotel’s postcards and souvenirs, emphasizes Sonora’s significant culture. Key to this is the conscious selection of color palettes. López’s successful blend of old-world charm with contemporary elegance encapsulates the hotel’s intrinsic value and identity, showcasing the region’s history and spirit.

López aims to ensure visitors feel engaged by the hotel’s unique character and captivating narrative by highlighting Sonora’s historical background and integrating the region’s cultural narrative into his design concepts. In so doing, he offers visitors a unique perspective of Sonora’s past.

In conclusion, López has successfully balanced respect for Champ’s unique style with public preference, creating a space that is unusual yet appealing and authentic, ensuring that the Champ Hotel underscores Hermosillo’s rich cultural heritage, while offering top-tier contemporary amenities.

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