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About DMNews

DMNews got its start analyzing which types of direct mail pieces succeeded where others tumbled headlong into the shredder unopened. What made the difference? We simply had to know! By sharing what we learned with our readership, we lived out our conviction that when the tide of effective marketing comes in, it raises everyone’s boat. Experts who shared actionable insights watched their market share increase…without the need to publish thinly-disguised pitch pieces.

Nowadays, of course, potential customers continue to sift through their direct mail pieces with a chilling, devil-may-care attitude. This itself is a sobering reality for marketing professionals. However, it’s even worse what audiences do with their online messages. When anything invades their glowing smartphone screen that doesn’t instantaneously garner love and affection, they swipe it away without another thought.

Our Mission

We want to help marketers learn and grow in their ability to reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Of course, so many supporting structures come into play that it can be a full-time job just keeping up with new trends and technology. We will deliver the latest winning strategies and toss aside anything that smacks of self-interested fluff or irrelevance.

Our Staff

For questions, inquiries, and partnerships, please email below. The correct member of our team will respond at their earliest convenience.

Staff Email: [email protected]

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