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5 Global Trends Impacting Digital Marketing in 2023

trends impacting digital marketing

Global trends impacting digital marketing are nothing new in the world of advertising. Most companies try to keep up with what consumers are interested in. This, along with what consumers want to be changed, helps advertisers sell their clients’ products. Utilizing hip movements has always been part of the marketing game. So, here are five global trends impacting digital marketing in 2023.

1. Sustainability

It is no secret that in recent years, it has become “trendy” for corporations to display concern for protecting our environment. With younger generations now occupying the largest sector of the consumer market, advertisers are having to appeal to their more liberal, empathetic desires. Meaning they must create better conditions in the world when it comes to business practices.

However, it is no longer enough for a brand to simply say that it practices sustainable methods for our planet. That simple pledge may have been enough ten years ago, but today, simply pledging a devotion is not enough.

Consumers expect companies to show how they’re making a difference in what they’re doing, and it is up to advertisers to get as creative as possible when they go about proving that to consumers. We predict, that in 2023, one promising way to actively show a company’s sustainability practices in an appealing way to the consumer will be through sustainable packaging. Of course, the packaging is already vital to selling a product because the look and aesthetic of a package add to the entire experience of buying and receiving for consumers.

However, by 2023, advertisers are going to be racing to outdo one another in marketing sustainable packaging and other elements.

2. Source Locally and Domestically

Unfortunately, the supply chain issues of 2020 are not behind us quite yet. For advertisers in 2023, stressing “locally sourced or domestic” products is going to be important. Everyone is already feeling the detrimental effects of supply chain issues. Additionally, they’re likely going to continue getting worse before they get better.

Because of this, companies are going to need to find creative ways to get around those issues in order to retain consumers. Waiting for delayed or lost packages is a painstaking process that no one enjoys. That’s why the companies coming out on top right now are the ones who avoid such issues. By sourcing products locally and domestically, companies provide a loophole to these supply issues. By doing so, advertisers can stress this point-of-difference. This ideal makes their company better than the rest.

Stressing this to consumers, that their goods will not be delayed or missing due to the issues, could be a major advantage for advertisers that depict this to consumers in the right, effective way in 2023.

3. Artificial Intelligence Advertising

As AI becomes increasingly advanced and increasingly popular, advertisers need to stay up to date and follow the technology’s progression closely. Interactive advertising, with the help of AI, is on the brink of coming into the average consumer’s home. This is with the help of companies like Google and Sony making AI technology more and more accessible and affordable. This technology is complex. Advertisers must make sure to follow it closely in order to capitalize on new opportunities within AI. In doing so, they can take advertisements to a whole new level in 2023.

4. Long-Term Influencer Partnerships

Many like to mock or diminish influencer marketing as a business model. Yet, it still has the capacity to be a stable form of income revenue within advertising. Consumers are getting smarter each year as they outgrow and tire of the same trendy, shallow promotions. Yet, we predict influencer marketing will remain alive and well in 2023.

In fact, it is no mistake that influencers like Kim Kardashian, Charli D’Amelio, and Hailey Bieber make the money they make off of a single Instagram post. It’s because their promotion actually works. The difference between them and other micro-influencers is that major influencer marketing is carefully curated and strategized. Therefore, criticism is less likely. Advertisers need to look to the major influencers as an example of what to do. This is especially true because clearly, something is working in the way they handle their brand partnerships.

5. Mobile-First Advertising

It used to be website design/online advertising was primary and mobile phone design was secondary. Now, mobile-first advertising has now taken over as the champion. Now more than ever, if advertising is not fit for the iPhone or Android formatting, advertisers may as well not even produce the content. Making certain that all advertising elements, especially the design elements, are catered to fit with the formatting of a cell phone screen in a convenient and sleek way, is vital to any success now and in 2023.

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