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Champ hotel in Hermosillo merges history with modern luxury

"Champ Hotel Merges"
“Champ Hotel Merges”

The Champ, a renowned boutique hotel in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico offers more than just a comfortable stay. Its location on a street named after composer Rodolfo Campodónico speaks to its deep ties with local history. Established in the early 20th century, this hotel flawlessly marries historical charm with modern luxury, offering a unique blend of traditional Mexican culture and contemporary comfort within its uniquely designed interiors.

Guests are met with an opulent staircase and high ceilings upon entry, a nod to the former era. The walls are a silent testament to Hermosillo’s journey, adorned with historic photographs and artwork that chronicle the city’s evolution. The convenient heart-of-the-city location offers easy access to local attractions such as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Hermosillo, Sonora Market, and the ecological park.

Merging historical charm and modern luxury at Champ hotel

Furthermore, the hotel’s amenities include an authentic Mexican cuisine restaurant, a tequila bar, swimming pool, and a fitness center, providing a truly immersive experience.

Renowned graphic designer Jesús López has recently breathed new life into the hotel, remodeling its brand identity in a way that honors its historical connections and the surrounding Sonoran desert environment. His thoughtful approach has resulted in a visual concept that intertwines the hotel with its unique geographical location, effectively encapsulating the spirit of the desert community.

With a color scheme echoing the landscapes of northern Mexico, the new branding is an ode to the locale. The updated logo draws from indigenous art, mirroring intricate details that highlight the rich regional heritage. Locally sourced materials showcase native flora and the surrounding desert, creating a cohesive environment that intertwines with the beauty of northern Mexico.

The rebranding also involves a smart revival of old postcards and photographs found in local archives, bringing out a nostalgic essence that is truly unique. This combined with López’s research into Sonora’s history enables guests to delve deeper into local history, cementing Champ’s place in the community’s heart while also setting it apart in the market.

Striking a balance between business goals and societal desires, López has also reinvented the traditional business card with abstract titles and compartmentalized text. This innovative approach further enhances the documentary-like feel, reminding guests of the hotel’s cultural heritage while piquing curiosity, thus creating a distinct identity for the hotel.

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