Brooke Niemiec, CMO, Elicit

Brooke Niemiec has represented the voice of the customer for Fortune 100 brands such as Boeing, Disney, and JCPenney for most of her 18-year career.

She earned her MBA at the University of Southern California, where she discovered her passion for marrying customer needs with business goals. An avid people-watcher and question-asker, Niemiec has been published in Fast Company,, and DMN.

Marketing strategy: I work hard to be a well-rounded, hybrid marketer who sits at the epicenter of marketing technology, data, customer analytics, research, and customer experience.

Defining moment: I was asked to lead a global marketing strategy team at a Fortune 100 company while I was earning my MBA and planning my wedding. Instead of backing away from the challenge, I took it head on. That decision accelerated my career trajectory and forced me to develop valuable skills in time management, prioritization, and delegation.

Advice to young marketers:
Don’t get too comfortable being a “pure-play marketer.” The marketing field is rapidly converging with customer data and technology, and you’ll need to have an understanding of those fields to be effective partners with the analysts and technologists you’ll likely be working with to bring your visions to life.

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