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UNA of Sweden requests selfless love on Facebook

The Offer: The United Nations Association of Sweden’s (UNA-Sweden) “Unselfish Status” campaign encourages Facebook users who “Like” the nonprofit to donate to its causes.

The Data: Upon donating, visitors can opt-in to become a member of the organization and receive both e-mail and direct mail updates about the humanitarian efforts around the world.

The Channel: As fans’ Facebook pages change to reflect their donations, the nonprofit’s cause is spread. The initiative’s Facebook page is in Swedish only at this stage. It does allow payment via mobile. A microsite linked to Facebook allows English speakers to participate.

The Creative:
OgilvyOne Worldwide Stockholm developed the campaign pro bono. Design elements are intentionally minimalist and user-friendly to make it as easy as possible to select a status of interest and donate money to aid the nonprofit’s various causes.

The Verdict

Ken Fitzgerald is executive creative
director at independent integrated
agency Catalyst. He has worked in
both traditional and digital marketing,
rising to SVP and executive
creative director at Digitas. Learn more about him in a Q&A

I loved everything about this campaign. The concept is inspiring and thought-provoking. The “Like” button, though, doesn’t seem to approach the significance and importance of such a cause. For something this exceptional, there should be a “love” link.

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