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The Digital Culture and Marketing Buzzwords We’ll Use in 2017

Since our 2016 Marketing Buzzwords feature was so well received, we thought we’d try to look into the future to determine some of the buzzwords we expect us all to use. With advances in chatbots, AI, virtual assistants, drones, and other emerging technologies, we will need new terms to describe our new connected world. Behold some of our predictions.

Rude AwAIkening: When spamware infects your voice assistant and you are awoken every morning by ads for weight loss pills

Virtual Vacation: When you have been spending so much time in virtual reality that you need to take a break

Track Busters: Specialists you hire to clean up your digital presence/search so embarrassing ads don’t follow you everywhere

Io-Time Out: When your Internet of Things devices can’t/won’t speak to each other

Snap-Paps: People who try to get brands in trouble by screen-grabbing offensive Snapchats

Chat Attack: When your chatbot hits a glitch and buys you 600 tickets to Star Wars VIII

Drone Phone Home: When a drone flies away after it awakens and gets bored at whatever activity it is responsible for filming

UnMoji: The remaining tangible items that have not yet been put into emoji form

Aug-cident: When you forget which item is real during augmented reality and fall down

Frame Delays: When you are late to a hologram meeting because you couldn’t get your equipment to work

Email-Acorn: A Gen-Z that opens a marketing e-mail

DJ-Day: The day DJ Khaled retires from Snapchat

Netflix & Split: Discussion between a couple splitting up on who gets to keep their share account and its history and queue

Uber-Free Zone: A task that Uber has not yet decided to do for you  

Got one to submit? Send to [email protected] with the subject line 2017 Buzzwords. If we add yours, we’ll credit you.

* Necessary disclaimer. We do not recall anyone having used any of these terms before. That said, we spend an inordinate amount of time on Twitter and it’s always possible we saw and subconsciously absorbed one of these months ago. If someone has used the same name on Twitter, this is either a coincidence or the above happened and we are happy to source the originator. 


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