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Social Media Marketing (SMM) Can Make or Break Your Business

Business brand awareness, consumer engagement, revenue, and customer service are all improved through social media marketing.
Business brand awareness, consumer engagement, revenue, and customer service are all improved through social media marketing.

Business brand awareness, consumer engagement, revenue, and customer service are all improved through social media marketing.

SMM has a good impact on businesses and allows your audience to find you. Reach your target audience, keep them interested and reply to their queries promptly. It’s a terrific technique to watch your competitors’ social media profiles. In addition, it’s a wonderful opportunity to see how your competitors are using social media to grow.

Here are seven ways SMM helps businesses.

1. SMM enhances omnichannel customer service.

Customers today use social media to communicate with brands because they get fast feedback. 42 percent of consumers want a response within 60 minutes on social media.

Social media is a tool that allows you to engage customers who connect with you via Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.

A business must provide omnichannel customer service. But it’s even more critical to leverage the correct tools and systems to create an omnichannel experience across the customer lifecycle.

Certain tools can help you deliver omnichannel customer service. In order to provide exceptional customer service and boost team efficiency, REVE Chat is one such solution.

2. Social media expands your audience.

Almost 90% of marketers say social media marketing has enhanced brand exposure, and 75% say it has increased traffic. It’s a great approach to promote your company and keep in touch with customers.

In addition, people are increasingly turning to social media. There they learn about new products, services, marketing, bargains, and promotions.

The social media platforms allow exchanging business news, images, and links to connected stories/studies. Furthermore, it also promotes customer trust and exposes the company to a new market. You can also utilize them to subtly enhance your guerrilla marketing examples.

3. Word of mouth spreads rapidly via social media.

Indeed, social networking may help promote your business. With the advent of interactive and social media, word of mouth has transformed. In addition, new internet communities are formed.

These developments impact how businesses can use word of mouth for marketing. Furthermore, according to research, 72% of individuals value online evaluations as much as personal recommendations.

4. SMM is cheap.

Many firms are embracing SMM  due to its beneficial impact on brands and the potential for profit. Social media marketing uses social networks and apps to promote brands.

Social media marketing is regarded as more focused. Therefore, it is particularly effective in raising brand recognition. Additionally, social media engagement strategies increase shares, views, and publicity for your business. In addition, they do it at a low cost.

Campaigns using social media frequently focus on:

  • Creating a social media presence on significant sites.
  • Promoting advertorials and shareable content.
  • Surveying and contesting customers throughout the campaign.

A single person sharing or retweeting your company’s message might reach hundreds or even thousands of people for free! Businesses who miss out on this with a non-engaging social media strategy are missing a huge potential.

5. Social media allows for direct customer feedback.

Social networking is a powerful customer feedback element. Various platforms allow collecting direct customer input. This input helps you boost brand image, reputation, and customer relationships. The customer must feel heard and respected.

Therefore, respond to every post, comment, and suggestion in order to grow your brand.

Businesses who respond to customer support queries on social media earn 20%-40% more per customer. Your commitment to offering a great experience will be evident. In addition, responding to client input on social media can produce genuine business gains.

6. SMM boosts user interaction.

Customers follow businesses on social media whether they are active or not. In our world, the average person spends just under two hours a day on social media. Therefore, engagement is vital.

Creating a social media presence takes planning. Furthermore, engaging them with meaningful content takes time and effort. The most important benefit of investing in social media is reaching out to potential customers all over the world.

Customer service is probably already a major focus for every company. Two-way contact is made possible through social media. In addition, it allows you to improve customer service. Similarly, it lets you provide quick gratification to your target audience.

7. Social media can boost growth tools.

Brands may use social media to enhance conversions by interacting with customers. Proactive social media marketing strengthens a brand’s marketing strategy.

According to research, social media marketing has a 100% lead-to-close rate. With this data, it is clear that social media marketing is vital for any firm seeking to improve sales.

Twitter is a good example of this. According to a recent study, 67% of Twitter users choose brands they follow. Additionally, 42% of consumers discover products and services on Twitter.


Social media can help businesses reach more customers and communicate with their audience. In addition, it can help them create brand awareness.

For your business, you may prevent the negative effects of social media. Do this by using caution while publishing anything on social media.

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