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Building a Twitter Brand as a Social Influencer

Becoming a social influencer is hard work, and building a large following takes a certain level of marketing know-how and finesse. Fortunately, we caught up with Torri Webster, lifestyle and beauty influencer, about how to build a massive following on Twitter. Individuals and brands, take note: This 21 year old knows what she’s doing. 

DMN: How did you get your first 10K Twitter followers?

Webster: I was able to lock in my first 10K followers on Twitter nearly 5 years ago when the platform was extremely popular. The way I was able to grow a following was by having other creators, and influencers tag me in their tweets. This drove traffic to my page, and ultimately allowed me to grow my own audience. 

DMN: What is your most preferred strategy to increase your twitter followers?

Webster: I think people look to Twitter for a few reasons, but one of the primary reasons these days is to stay up to date on pop-culture topics and news. A really fun way to increase Twitter followers is to be active on Twitter during big events (think the Oscars, or the Superbowl). By tweeting witty, funny, or shocking things during these events (using the unique hashtags) you can end up on the trending page, and ultimately drive more views to your page and increase your following. 

DMN: How do you increase engagement among your twitter followers?

Webster: I think it is very challenging to grow your engagement on Twitter today. The platform is not nearly as popular as it once was. However, a simple way to increase engagement is to run a giveaway (for products or concerts) for your followers in order to drive engagement. 

DMN: Do you have any secret which you used to increase your twitter followers?

Webster: I don’t think there is any one recipe to garnering a dedicated following. I think if you have high quality content it will be easier to get people to pay attention, but it is also important to stay authentic in order to make sure your fans remain engaged. 

DMN: If you had to start again from zero, what would be your #1 trick of gaining twitter followers?

Webster: Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate! In order to gain a following it is essential to get your name in front of as many eyes as possible, and collaborating with other creators can help you reach audiences you may not otherwise have access to. 

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