Search, e-mail team up for synergized marketing

Marketers understand that both social media and e-mail marketing are here to stay. We hear a lot about these topics, but another tool is often left out of the discussion — search.

Many marketers miss out on the synergy that search has with other digital channels, especially with e-mail marketing.

The problem is that in most organizations, the search team and the e-mail team are separate entities, and the communication between the groups is nonexistent. They often compete for the same budgets as well.

Organizations that are able to harness search and e-mail channels together will be able to realize the benefits of loyalty, revenue and ROI. Following are a few starting points to bring search and e-mail together:

Communication is key. Do you currently have one person who is responsible for search marketing and another for e-mail? If so, it is time to introduce those two folks to get them talking. There are immediate benefits that ongoing search and e-mail campaigns can provide each other without any additional investment.

Include search keywords in your subject line. It is crucial to reinforce your brand with your customers. They might not always remember your website, but by constantly reinforcing the keywords you will help your audience to remember to use these phrases and terms in their online search.

Link to past campaigns. One of the key areas that can assist in helping with an SEO program is offering links to past e-mail campaigns on your website. The content has already been created for the campaign, so why not reuse it to grow the

page count of your website.

Examine the results. Both search and e-mail provide a robust set of reports that can influence future campaigns. Click-through heat maps in e-mail can show the search team what people are interested in within the content to help drive SEM/SEO strategy.

This is not an exhaustive list of the synergy between e-mail marketing and search but it will offer you a starting point for your next campaign. It is time to break down the silos between digital channels to create integrated campaigns.

George DiGuido is VP of e-mail marketing at Zeta Interactive. Reach him at [email protected].

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