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Exploring beliefs and ethics in ‘What Matters’ project

Beliefs Exploration
Beliefs Exploration

Debbie Millman’s unique project, “What Matters,” delves deep into the beliefs and ethics of diverse individuals, offering an intimate perspective on their outlooks through candid photographs and compelling questions. The fusion of visuals and narratives produces a powerful connection with the audience.

The project features individuals who have made significant contributions to society. Among them is 72-year-old lesbian writer and lecturer, Ginny McReynolds, known for amplifying the role of women and the virtues of retirement. Jose Rodriguez, a 78-year-old gay concert pianist and music educator who has stirred people’s emotions with his performances, adds a vital tune to this chorus.

They share the stage with 80-year-old transgender woman Michelle Waters, an innovator in technology, and 86-year-old bisexual philanthropist Leonard Ekhaus. Both have left distinctive imprints on their industries and society while advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and visibility.

McReynolds, who has grown more confident with time, had early fears of standing out and taking risks.

Highlighting diverse ethics in ‘What Matters’

Overcoming her fear of failure and developing self-belief, she now understands the importance of stepping out of comfort zones and embracing the extraordinary.

Sorrow, for her, is a journey that offers a deeper understanding of oneself. Triggers like music, a diary, or a movie plot evoke various emotional responses, further signifying the ebb and flow of life. She faces life’s adversities with resilience and fortitude, viewing each as stepping stones to personal growth.

McReynolds emphasizes the need to embrace our, often suppressed, emotions – our vulnerability is a testament to our humanity. It’s not life’s chaos, but our responses to it, that we can control. Her approach and steadfast adherence to her principles of honesty, fearlessness, fairness, epicuriosity, and restraint provide a profound, deeply-rooted and genuine perspective on ethical dilemmas.

McReynolds’ remarkable participation in the “What Matters” project offers a unique understanding of her values and the power of courage. An example of how one’s principles, visualization and actions can change our interpretation of complexities into steadfast beliefs that guide a clutter-free and purposeful life.

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