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Pizza Hut latest to enter the text ordering arena

The pizza-to-go concept is tak­ing off, as Pizza Hut Inc. has launched its new “Total Mobile Access” ordering platform.

The new mobile ordering functional­ity lets customers order pizza through both text messaging and WAP-enabled mobile Web on a nationwide basis. Pizza Hut is working with interactive agency IMC2 on the creative for the campaign. QuikOrder Inc., the firm who designed Pizza Hut’s online ordering system, built the mobile functionality.

“We wanted to make it as easy as possible to order a pizza for our custom­ers, so we choose to be on the mobile phone,” said Tressie Watkins, marketing manager at Pizza Hut. “By letting cus­tomers order by both text message and the mobile Web, we are making it easier for them to interact no matter what kind of phone they have.”

The mobile business is an exten­sion of the online ordering business. Customers can create a profile at Piz­zaHut.com and create a “Pizza Playlist” featuring their favorite menu items. Customers can then tie these orders to specific locations where they spend a lot of time; be it their home, their office or their school. When it comes time to order the pizza, a user just selects the favored playlist menu item and location and sends it in to Pizza Hut via text or mobile e-mail.

The new service is targeting people 18-25 years of age and is being mar­keted online and via the mobile phone. Banner ads online and on the mobile Internet, as well as e-mails from existing customers call consumers back to the Pizza Hut site to get people to sign up.

“Our customers are young and tech savvy and we want to be using cutting edge technology to reach them,” Watkins added.

Papa John’s recently moved into the space with a new text-to-order business offering and Super Bowl text message campaign.

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