HP graphics unit promotes print through multichannel

Company: Hewlett-Packard Graphic Solutions Business
Team size: 100?
What’s new:
Unit reviews customers though new touchpoints

Hewlett-Packard Development Co. does not limit marketing for its Graphics Solutions Business to just print advertising. The unit uses a range of marketing strategies and techniques in print, online and through the mail to reach potential customers around the world and keep in touch with existing customers. ?

The Graphics Solutions Business’ marketing department is split into seven sections, three of which report to Sumeer Chandra, VP of marketing and strategy for HP’s Graphics Solutions Business. Director-level managers for the department’s strategic marketing, current business management, regional marketing and worldwide marketing teams report to Chandra, who in turn reports to Chris Morgan, VP and general manager of the Graphic Solutions Business. ?

The worldwide marketing team also includes distinct units for marketing communications, CRM, social media, and customer business development. “Unlike in other businesses, this team has a close relationship with the consumer,” said Chandra. “We have marketing personnel in touch with consumers on a weekly basis.” ?

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