Hire a candidate who has a high ROL (Return on Life)

Imagine that you’re about to interview a prospective new hire. You’ve read their resume, been briefed by HR and are feeling confident that your recruitment team has done their job well. Now, tear up the resume and step away from your desk.  It’s time to find out what the true value of this candidate is: their “ROL,” or “Return on Life.”  

While ROI is a measurement of investment value, ROL is a measurement of an employee’s cultural contribution to an organization. A future employee’s take on cultural phenomena, such as the Super Bowl or the Oscars is as important as his or her ability to discuss the business section of The New York Times or Occupy Wall Street. You want a well-rounded person, someone with an awareness and knowledge of what draws people in and drives public interest.

Here are interview tips to help determine a candidate’s ROL:

Sit next to your interviewee, not across from him or her, to establish a more conversational dialog. Find out what magazines, blogs and newspapers he regularly reads. Ask about the latest movie the individual watched or book he or she read. Get a sense of where the candidate has traveled in the world — favorite vacations, trips or events attended — from sports games and concerts to festivals and industry shows. Chat about life activities. Discuss what is happening in the world of food and restaurants. There is no better way to discern taste than to talk about tastes.

Find out what your potential new hire is all about when not in the office. This helps ensure he or she brings a worldly, well-informed perspective to the table when you need strategic input.

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