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Health social site tracks colds

The Offer: Visitors to the Kazemill site, developed by McCann Healthcare Worldwide for pharmaceutical company SSP Japan, can track the location and severity of cold symptoms in Japan as indicated on a 3D, color-coded graph overlaid on a map of the country. The site launched in early May. ?

The Data: Twitter mentions of six common cold symptoms such as “chills,” “sore throat” and “fever” are aggregated, analyzed for context and represented visually. The site shows total mentions of each symptom in each of Japan’s 47 prefectures, viewable by time of day and weekly progression. The Center for Knowledge Structuring at The University of Tokyo provided the algorithm.?

The Channel: Kazemill taps the Twittersphere for the data it uses to indicate the prevalence of colds in the country, but product placement below the map gives the page an e-commerce presence as well. SSP reported growth in both traffic to the site as well as product sales. ?

The Creative: The data visualization ascribes a unique color to each of the six terms analyzed. Users can view a map of each symptom individually or all six, as well as a graph showing the number of mentions for each, sortable by both day and week to show trends and progress of symptoms. Background on the page varies according to time of day. Users can tweet warnings to their followers from the page about oncoming symptoms.?


Ben Sutherland is global head of direct at media agency Mindshare, part of WPP’s GroupM. He works across Mindshare’s client portfolio to develop more accountable CRM strategies for brands worldwide. He was previously media director at Rapp. Sutherland is based in London. 

The agency is completely on-brief considering what SSP Japan is looking to achieve strategically. It has taken social consumer inputs and provided an elegant and easily interpreted way for consumers to draw useful insight. Given the right support in terms of broadcast coverage, this idea will syndicate itself. The tone must minimize the potential downside of “scare mongering” ? a delicate balance.?

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