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Frederick’s of Hollywood

Corset designs go viral

Situation: This summer, Frederick’s of Hollywood was looking for a way to boost brand awareness with existing and potential consumers. The multichannel lingerie merchant wanted to “freshen up its image, find some fresh designs and engage with a broader audience,” says Hyder Rabbani, VP of sales at Brickfish.

“Our fashion and beauty director suggested that it would be great if the audience could shape the styles that Frederick’s was designing,” Rabbani continues.

Approach: Frederick’s and Brickfish created the “From your design to Hollywood & Vine” campaign, which invited

fashion fans to create unique corset creations and post them online using Brickfish’s proprietary content marketing platform. Visitors to both Frederick’s and Brickfish’s Web sites could review, vote on and share their favorite designs. Those who entered were encouraged to share their designs and lobby for votes via e-mail, instant messaging, blogs and social networking sites. One winner was chosen and whisked off to watch her creation head down the runway at Frederick’s annual celebrity charity event. In the past, Frederick’s has featured designs from celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Theron.

By motivating “the audience to create the entries and share them across the Internet, it created a viral momentum” and drove interactions with the brand, Rabbani says.

Results: The campaign ran from August 1 to September 14. About 750 people entered designs into the campaign. Through views, votes and reviews, there were about 480,000 total interactions with the Frederick’s brand. According to Brickfish, Frederick’s would have needed to spend $1.2 million to reach the same number of engagements using a cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) advertising model.

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