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“As seen on TV” products have appeared at retail for years, but many products still use television as the main sales driver. DRTV experts expect this to change, as both retailers and manufacturers find success selling them in stores.

“I think the acceptance of retail by DRTV products was big last year, and I absolutely think it will continue [this] year,” says Scott Boilen, president of Allstar Products Group, which markets the Snuggie blanket through TV and retail. “The Snuggie and the PedEgg from Telebrands achieved heights that were once inconceivable because of the acceptance of retail.”

The drive toward retail is partially due to the fractioning among consumers into different buyer groups, adds Jeff Meltzer, CEO of Meltzer Media.

Tim O’Leary, CEO of R2C Group, has noticed the shift in DRTV marketers’ objectives when meeting with potential clients.

“We have clients coming from the traditional direct response product world, and we’re doing sort of hybrid creative to drive retail [purchases],” he says. “You’re seeing a transition [with] brands that have been informercial- or spot-driven.”

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