Delivered: Targeted consumer emails

What’s in our mailbox this month: Targeted consumer emails

Though Panera‘s targeted email is visually engaging and greets the recipient by name, it lacks deals and discounts that may not be able to compete with Daily Deals or Google Offers that are not as personalized.



The simple but straightforward Rewards “R” Us email informs the recipient of the percentage discount earned on holiday purchases, which can be redeemed once they log into their account or register as a new member.



Shari’s Berries offers discounts on gourmet hand-dipped, chocolate-covered strawberries by directly asking the recipient by name if he knows anyone with the “wintertime blues.” Their strawberries are the cure.


Go Daddy personally notifies email recipients that they have been “chosen” for a special discount on domain names and transfers, which can be easily purchased by clicking on a clearly visible black bar.


Check out what else has been hitting our mailboxes: b-to-b direct mailers; 6-by-9-inch direct mail; arts/entertainment; spring catalogs.

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