Car maintenance ?company takes ?DRTV into high gear

Company: Corp.

?Team size?: 15?

What’s new?: Greater emphasis on DRTV?

Automobile maintenance company Corp. has boosted its investment in DRTV in recent years, bolstering its strategy of relying on data in its marketing.?

“One thing I really love about the direct response medium is that there are a lot of mentors, so many of the people we are not competing against have been extremely helpful and shared their experiences,” ?said Art Jacobsen, VP of Corp.?

The company, which makes technology that diagnoses automobile problems, maintains a marketing staff of 15 employees, led by Jacobsen. ?Richard Amador, director of marketing, reports to Jacobsen, overseeing other marketing employees and managing the company’s relationship with agency partners, including Euro RSCG Edge. ?

The company’s online marketing coordinator, marketing manager and Web developer all report to Amador. ?The company also continues to emphasize measurement as a key driver of its marketing strategy.

“We have metrics for everything, and we know what works well. If it doesn’t, we try to fix it or shut it down,” said Amador. ?

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