Will Tinder And AI Be A Match Made In Heaven?

Tinder’s swiping right on AI.

Earlier this week, the popular dating app released their new “Super Likeable” feature, which uses AI-powered technology to provide users a fresh experience when searching for potential matches.

Here’s how it works – as a user browses through the app, the “Super Like” feature will randomly pop up, showing four different profiles of people Tinder’s AI determines will be more likely to “Match” with the user. The user can then offer one “Super Like” to one of those four profiles.

It’s a match made in AI-powered heaven – or is it?

It wasn’t immediately clear how exactly Tinder uses their technology to offer suggestions. However, Tinder vaguely told TechCrunch the company takes user history and past app interactions into account to determine user interest and preferences.

“Super Likes” aren’t new for Tinder – in fact, they received some mixed results back when they first debuted the feature back in 2015. “Super Likes” started off as a way for users to show potential matches that they were interested before they swiped left (for a rejection) or right (for a match) All they had to do was swipe up on a profile to send the “Super Like.”

Some thought it was, well, just plain creepy.

Will this new feature help shine new light on the “Super Like?” Only time will tell. Currently, it’s just being tested in NYC and Los Angeles markets.

If it really does make it three times as likely for users to match, as Tinder claims, AI could be the tech Tinder was searching for all along. 

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