When a soccer team has its own credit card, direct creative hits the heart

Soccer, or as we prefer to call it, foot­ball, is the most popular sport in Italy. Using a supporter or fan base to tap into this passion and loyalty for a finan­cial services offer is by no means a new thing. However, I think what has been done differently with the Carta Viva Milan is the additional benefits offered. The card offers much more than simply a credit facility. For example, priority tickets can be purchased for matches, to visit the A.C. Milan museum and to view the players training at the ground.

The creative used was exceptionally strong for reaching out to the supporters’ passion for their favorite club. The headline in English reads; “Do you have a Rosso Nero heart?” — symbolizing the red and black colors worn by AC Milan and showing a cardiogram.

The targeting was spot-on; AC Milan supporters were e-mailed via a Web site for registered football supporters. The piece gives a sense of belonging; spending with the card is a personal way fans can show support for their club. For the club and the business itself, the value of database marketing is readily apparent.

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