What experience is desired as online marketers enhance their teams in the coming months?

When you start to hear rumors of economic recovery and growth in the market, hiring isn’t far behind. Online advertising and e-commerce hiring managers are looking forward to bringing fresh faces in to capitalize on that growth. As companies and agencies look to enhance their marketing team in the coming months, be aware of the new qualities and experience that can make you stand out among a sea of eager professionals.

We’re seeing more ad dollars go toward performance campaigns, so make sure that you fully maximize any experience you have in retargeting, personalization and recommendation technology and the application of both to traditional online display advertising.

Experience in performance advertising also means a keen knowledge of metrics that rely on conversions and revenue in addition to traditional clicks and impressions. A direct result of the economy, performance metrics have spawned new attribution models. Companies and agencies look for people who can educate the team on these models and bring a new perspective to the marketing mix.

Additionally, there’s been a shift in the retail sector that adds a new level of desired expertise for would-be job candidates. As more shoppers go online to look for deals and to research their purchases, companies and agencies that work in the multichannel sector are looking for candidates with experience driving campaigns that dovetail online and offline initiatives.

There have been a lot of changes this year in the industry. An influx of professionals still searching for their next career move — coupled with an exciting shift on how we conduct and measure advertising campaigns — means that companies and agencies are in a position to expect the best. Make sure that you’re positioning yourself as that innovative marketer.

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