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What do you do to train your lead generation professionals?

Training can’t be “one size fits all.” Training needs to match specific program needs, as well as the lead generation professional’s skills. We divide our lead generation agents into three skill levels. Each level has a specific set of classes designed to refine and develop key skills. For example, our entry-level tier includes  training modules on “Branding the Call” and “Summarizing and Value-Add.” Our middle-tier professionals undergo a training module called “Introduction to C-level business communication.”

Because our agents can advance from one tier to the next, they are motivated — and our organization, as well as our clients, benefit from reduced turnover.

To ensure a successful lead generation program, agents are also required to undergo thorough training on the products and services that they will promote. Our clients play a critical role in product training, which is typically conducted in person (ideal) or via web conference (acceptable). It’s a good idea to record product training sessions, so they can be used as “refreshers” down the road.

Proper training gives agents the tools they need to have a successful conversation on our client’s behalf. Verbatim scripts don’t work in business. Instead, write a call guide — whether it’s a real estate cold calling script or a script for any other industry — that includes open-ended questions that facilitate conversation flow. Anticipating frequently asked questions (FAQs) and common objections arms our agents with added confidence to handle a variety of call scenarios.

Finally, understand that lead generation professionals are most critical of themselves. They need to listen to their own calls in order to improve. Agents should review their recorded outbound calls with a coach to hone their skills on a regular basis. Training, after all, is not a one-time occurrence.

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