What do hiring managers seek in candidates when looking to fill a CRM position?

After speaking with 10 managers at Epsilon to see what skills and attributes are required for CRM positions, I uncovered the following characteristics:

First, candidates should understand business challenges facing direct marketers. They must demonstrate knowledge of client pain points and illustrate ways they can help remedy these issues. A dual perspective is a valued commodity; managers preferred candidates who have worked on both the client and agency sides.

Applicants must understand the value, complexities and details associated with customer-level data. Because strategy is driven by information, customer data coupled with response and trend data is key to the evolution of marketing strategies.

They also should have perspective on the critical data attributes necessary to drive engagement. Challenges vary by industry and communication channel, therefore it is important to know which data elements are necessary for driving success.

Experience navigating corporate structures is good as well. In order to suggest new approaches and gain critical management support, candidates need to be able to adapt to corporate culture and work with all types of managers and clients.

A commitment to customer service is critical. Both client-facing and technology teams felt this attribute was necessary for all types of positions and roles.

Be able to apply critical thinking. It is one thing to repeat a task or run a report. Interpreting data and suggesting unique solutions to a client problem is a more sophisticated and important skill set.

Demonstrate experience building relationships across internal and external teams. In the matrixed world where we work, if a candidate cannot succeed unless he or she can maneuver up, down and across the company.

Ultimately, hiring managers want to ensure candidates can connect data and customers. Realizing that there is more to a data record than just name, address and e-mail is important. After all, customers are the ones spending the money, so theirs are the only opinions that matter. l

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