What do e-mail marketing firms look for in potential employees when filling positions?

When it comes to our people and potential candidates, there is one common value we seek: Passion. When meeting with a candidate, we want to see that they are passionate about not only their work and e-mail marketing, but life in general and the opportunity to work with others with the same passion.

Because e-mail marketing is evolving, candidates also need be able to quickly assess client business challenges and opportunities and come up with creative solutions. We are always looking for the next great idea and a smarter way to do things. Flexibility and innovation are keys to our success.

We require a good grasp of marketing fundamentals, particularly an understanding of marketing databases and how they can be used to deliver relevant marketing. Today’s e-mail marketing programs rely on sophisticated use of customer data to produce highly targeted e-mails, and our mission is to help clients make that data actionable.

Strategy is in our blood, and we strive to help our clients win. That means our people must understand our client’s goals and be aggressive in helping them develop clear program roadmaps based on analyses of campaign performance data, industry trends, and competitive analyses. Strategy support requires engaging all types of thought leaders within the company – from technology brains to analytical. We work in a collaborative, team-structured environment, so a candidate must be a team player and display the kind of leadership that brings people together.

Having an eye on the global landscape is an asset, as is knowledge of multiple languages or local customs and attitudes. Recent forecasts show the online population will be growing most quickly in countries like China and India. Many e-mail service providers have multiple offices around the globe to handle client programs in these regions. They need staff that can support clients locally while also collaborating with colleagues who may be in offices thousands of miles away.

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