Waze Aims to Raze Users’ Late Days

Marketers can put to rest their excuses for being late to customer meetings once and for all: Mobile app Waze aims to make navigation woes a thing of the past. The GPS-based navigation app is designed to provide users with the best route to their destination using real-time assistance from other drivers.

Waze relies on drivers reporting accidents, road hazards, traffic jams, police traps, etc. so it can give its users the best turn-by-turn, voice-navigated route to get where they’re going. The app fancies itself “a personal heads-up from a few million of your friends on the road.”

In addition, Waze helps users find the lowest gas prices along their route; doles out automatic rerouting as conditions change on the road; lets users add their contacts as friends on the app, and allows users to see their friends’ ETA when travelling to the same destination; and lets users send automatic updates on their location and ETA.

According to these users, Waze will amaze:

Everyone who drives should be using this.

I guess you could say he’s had his “Phil” of other GPS apps.

Waze saves.

It’s big in Costa Rica!

Uh, breaking the law…

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