Video: Watch The Colbert Report skewer retroactive product placement company Mirriad

Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert hilariously satirized the services of Mirriad, a company that retroactively inserts product placements for brands into TV show reruns.

Mirriad allows brands to digitally insert themselves into television shows, even if they weren’t filmed that way. Let’s say two characters are walking next to blank wall. Using Mirriad, that wall can now place a banner or a logo that subtly advertises the band. The next level of native ads, or just plain evil?

Colbert gleefully reported how Viacom, which is Comedy Central’s parent company, was now a client of Mirriad, and that he would now be able to profit from retroactive product placements on his show.

My favorite line? “Advertising is the critical ingredient in great content, which is why HBO has never produced anything worth watching.” Priceless.

Warning: The last part of this video is slightly NSFW

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