Victoria’s Secret uses e-mail tactfully, a paper catalog convert says

I knew Victoria’s Secret was good at marketing, but now I’m even more im­pressed. I went in store to purchase some unmentionables and said, “I’ll give them my e-mail address — why not?” After all, the thick print catalogs tend to disappear when my teenage nephews visit. Within a week of handing over my address, I received this e-mail. More than a mere thank you, they’ve added me to the “exclusive” list and now I’ll be the first to know about all the latest in lingerie and events and specials — oh my. Next to shoe shopping, this is heaven. But wait, there’s more. They took the high road and asked if I would prefer not to receive e-mail. This is displayed in the most obvious fashion right below the Web site link. I found it very tasteful as a recent convert. Well done, Miss Vicki, and thanks for asking. I think I’ll stay on your list for now and spend some time shopping online to take advantage of the “special” welcome offer.

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