USPS to develop standards for Slim Jims

The US Postal Service announced on Monday that it is in the process of developing new mailing standards for folded self-mailers, booklets and folded booklets mailed at automation and machinable letter rates.

Following last year’s price increases for flat-size catalogs, more mailers started using letter-size booklets and folded mailers (also called “Slim Jims”), according to the USPS. However, many Slim Jims tend to jam letter automation equipment or get damaged during processing, the USPS said.

In an effort to address these problems, the USPS said it has decided to develop new mail preparation standards. According to the USPS, the new standards will allow it to more accurately “characterize which types of booklets and folded self-mailers process on its primary letter-sorting equipment.” The preparation criteria for enveloped mail pieces will not change.

The USPS has released initial test results, which have been published. Mailers are encouraged to send the USPS their comments and suggestions about these results.

Once final testing is completed, the USPS said it will publish a proposed rule in the Federal Register. Once published, mailers will have 30 days to comment on the revised mailing standards.

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