Tumblr introduces in-depth analytics for brands

Looks like Tumbl[r is finally getting serious about making money. The social blogging platform will partner with analytics service Simply Measured to provide brands the ability to monitor and assess their impact on Tumblr.

Simply Measured made the announcement on its blog yesterday, saying:

This allows digital marketers to analyze, measure, and report on their Tumblr impact in ways not available before. As a certified provider, we’re tied into the Tumblr firehose through our friends at Gnip, and are positioned to bring the best possible data and analysis for our users.

While Tumblr has offered analytics before, it hasn’t done it at an enterprise level. The selling point of this partnership will be Simply Measured’s access to the Twitter firehose through Gnip and the ability to compare impacts across 9 different social networks. 

This is welcome news for digital marketers.  Tumblr is clearly going the LinkedIn route by first offering Sponsored Updates and then analytics for brand presence. By offering deep-level analytics, its definitely made itself a more marketable platform for advertisers and brand names.

Here’s the video with more detail: 

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