TRUSTe: 95% of consumers think online privacy is a big issue

More than 95% of consumers think online privacy is an important issue, according to a study by TRUSTe, which monitors online privacy practices. Most consumers take steps to protect their privacy online, but one-third do not know their information may be collected by third parties for advertising purposes, according to the study, Consumer Attitudes About Behavioral Targeting.

While consumer discomfort with tracking declined 6% since last year, 50.5% still say they’re uncomfortable with advertisers using their browsing history to serve relevant ads. And 35% feel their privacy has been violated in the last year through information they provided online.

But when it comes to ads actually being relevant, 84% of respondents said that zero to 25% of ads they see online are relevant to their wants and needs.

The study surveyed 3,660 Americans in market research firm’s TNS Global’s online consumer panel ages 18 and up.

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