Timing just one welcome aspect of fun “Transform” mailer from Mobi

When I saw the words “Transform Your Business” scrawled across the top of a Mobi direct mail box, I wasn’t expecting to find an actual Transformer toy inside. The box, designed as a toolkit for Web registrars, marketing Mobi to customers, came across my desk directly following the release of the summer blockbuster, Transformers. I thought this was very smart timing to tie directly into Mobi’s messaging and make it more relevant and topical to recipients. And who wouldn’t keep the leave-behind Transformer on their desk as a constant reminder of how to better market Mobi? (Well, I wouldn’t go that far — but a Transformer’s not something you can easily turn down or throw away).

The piece itself, titled the “Marketing mobi-lizer,” was an all-in-one, simple-to-use toolkit that showed registrars how they could market Mobi in conjunction with their own brand, without spending lots of money on agency and design resources.

Unlike a lot of direct mail I get, I could tell the central purpose of the piece within five seconds — that this was a toolkit to help me dramatically change my business.

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