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This hilariously crass commercial for ‘Poo-Pourri’ is going viral

Being unburdened by the restraints of TV advertising means marketers can let their creativity run wild, and in this case, merrily indulge in the joys of scatalogical humor. 

This social video campaign by Poo-Pourri, a toilet scent freshening product is both shocking in its gleeful potty humor as well as brilliantly creative, not to mention laugh-out-loud hilarious.  It looks like Poo-Pourri finally has the answer to the question plaguing millions of toilet users around the globe, “How do you make the world believe that your poop doesn’t stink? Or in fact that you never poop at all?”

The crass dialogue being delivered by the pretty, refined lady with an English accent never stops being funny, and more importantly it also manages to deliver important information about the product’s use and value.  My favorite? When she remarks on how Poo-Pourri’s ratings on Amazon are higher than that of the iPhone 5, a statement she ends with a joyful flourish by throwing an iPhone down the toilet.  

And then there’s this gem, “Our business is to make it smell like your business…never even happened.” Genius.

The campaign is the brainchild of viral marketing whiz Jeffrey Harmon (known for the Orabrush campaign that got over 40 million YouTube hits) and director/writer Joel Ackerman.  The actress, 21-year-old Scotswoman Bethany Woodruff, (a theater student at the very conservative Brigham Young University) is being lauded for her performance, with Suzy Batiz, the founder of Poo-Pourri saying she has the  potential to be even bigger than the Old Spice Guy. I certainly believe it.

Although some might be offended by the crass lines, it clearly hasn’t stopped people from watching the video. Since its release earlier this month, it has racked up nearly 9 million views on YouTube and it’s gaining even more every day, on track to become one of the biggest viral hits of the year.

Watch the video. It’ll make your day. 

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