The Wednesday Stack: Dipping Into Super Bowl LII

Can’t wait for Sunday, or can’t bear to watch any Super Bowl where there’s a risk of the Patriots winning again? We all have that serious decision to make: But in the mean-time, here’s a flood of marketing-related Super Bowl stories hitting the inbox.

  • Helping out food retailers, here’s Valassis, the print-digital-etc intelligent media delivery vendor, predicting at the day’s consumption habits. 73% of survey respondents will be spending more than $50 on food and supplies (not difficult in New York). 43% will be shopping with small, local businesses for the big day. Expect late-in-the-day real world shopping, with only 10% looking online, and 69% remembering the hot dogs a day or two before. Find the data visualized here.
  • Doug Pederson would be squelching around in Gatorade already, if social media determined the outcome. That’s the news from social listening and analytics vendor Talkwalker. With eight million Super Bowl-related social posts over the last 30 days — 1.7 million in the last seven days — with #FlyEaglesFly and #Eagles far outstripping #GoPats and #Patriots in frequency. If only it was that easy. As for Super Bowl ads, Amazon is crushing it, with around twice as many social mentions as runners up Budweiser and Lexus.
  • But which brands are winning with Eagles and Patriots fans? Umbel, which specializes in sport and entertainment fan data, took a look:
  1. There are twice as many Lyft fans as Uber fans among Patriot supporters, even though Uber is the Patriot’s official ridesharing partner
  2. Patriots fans give the thumbs up to Coke, Eagles fans to Dr Pepper
  3. Patriots fans shade Eagles fans on their liking for Gillette: think Gillette Stadium, of course. While the Eagles play at Lincoln Financial Field, that brand didn’t move the data needle for either fan base
  4. And here’s one to remember: Eagle fans’ top clothing affinity, Ralph Lauren; Patriots, Victoria’s Secret (the Patriots do have more female social followers)
  • Could those TV ad dollars be better spent elsewhere? With top TV spots during the game going for $5 million or more, Vertebrae, the AR/VR native advertising platform laid out a menu of alternatives:
  1. Snapchat lens: $500K for a one-day national takeover: buy 10 days for $5mm
  2. Make an AR app with Apple ARKit for $100-$400K: anywhere from 12 to 50 AR apps for $5mm
  3. Create a VR app for anywhere from $75K-$1mm+… so make from to 5 to 66 VR apps for $5mm
  • On the other hand, here’s an indication of the social reach of last year’s top TV commercials (and what they cost. 

DMN’s Amy Onorato dipped her toes into a Super Bowl experience here.


Has Instagram already become the social marketing channel of choice for any brand with visual appeal?  It often feels that way, and this week Instagram is leveraging its relationship with Facebook to provide enhanced features for brands looking to publish in the channel.

The features are based on a new API (Graph API; the existing API platform will start winding down at the end of July). In particular, there’s a new programmatic content publishing solution available to Instagram and Facebook Marketing partners only. In practice, this will allow scheduling of posts (Hootsuite is already implementing the capability). There’s also a “mentions” solution allowing brands to monitor and respond to posts featuring the brand or products.

Spredfast is a Facebook Marketing partner, and here’s commentary we received from CEO Rod Favaron: “As Instagram grows and changes, it remains an authentic space centered on people, connections, and shared experiences. This focus has created an opportunity for thoughtful brand participation. The ability to publish and schedule content directly through this new API will allow brands to do more of what they do best: reach the people they care about with engaging, beautiful content.”


One final piece of news crossing the transom today, which we report as much for the trend as the specifics. Social advertising platform Brand Networks has partnered with cross-device specialists Tapad, creating a convergence of social and programmatic display advertising, unifying reach to the individual consumer across a wider range of touchpoints. In practice, this means Brand Networks leveraging the Tapad Device Graph to execute targeted social campaigns,as well as using Tapad data to enhance its programmatic display offering. Expect to be more effectively followed with relevant ads, from your social accounts, across your online and mobile browsing experiences.

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