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The New Digital Out of Home Experience

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) promises to bring a new dimension to the way marketers and consumers interact with each other. Screens on the street and in heavily trafficked transit hubs can be precisely updated to accommodate the shifting audiences that pass by, based on season, weather and other timely parameters. See, for instance, the weather-timed Nature’s Way campaign via Vistar Media.)

Behind the scenes, the DOOH inventory must be linked across multiple locations and programmatically available.

This requires a streamlined demand side platform (DSP) so marketers can coordinate their campaign, as well as supply side platform (SSP) so “publishers” – the owners of the inventory– can make these screens available to buyers and maximize revenue.

The result, which increasingly is becoming reality, is a digitized street environment accessible to marketers closer to the way that “interactive” ads in the digital space has been sold for years, since the beginning of programmatic buying.

For out of home, it’s been a long wait by any measure. In the meantime, marketers had location-specific geo-fenced mobile advertising to reach consumers on their smartphones when they were out in the world. Even with a traditional static billboard or bus shelter poster, marketers, in a privacy-compliant way, might reinforce that message cross-channel on mobile.

Flexibility in mobile ad inventory brought the potential for increased synergy, but certainly end-to-end DOOH capabilities would make the experience more seamless for the audience and the marketers.

It all goes back to customer experience.

Around this time last year, Amobee’s chief client officer Katie Ford told us: “For an advertiser, the consumer journey and user’s potential interaction with their brand is what matters most.” To deliver this journey, the ad platform had partnered with Place Exchange to enable real-time bidding and integrated event-level data.

This month, Verizon Media announced a “full-stack solution” that integrates their supply side with the Verizon Digital Signage platform. Earlier this year, we covered what it means to have DOOH inventory available in their omnichannel DSP. If you’re a brand, or the brand’s media agency, out of home is an added dimension that can run the same video that’s flashing on other programmatic channels, placed now as part of the overall campaign without taking extra steps.

For publishers, being part of a network that offers this is the key to monetization.

A Verizon Media spokesperson with knowledge of the new integration told DMN: “With our offering, we’re giving DOOH publishers a new opportunity to effectively monetize content and plug into DSPs. By pairing together the DOOH capabilities of Verizon Media’s SSP and DSP, we’re providing an end-to-end DOOH content management and advertising stack, helping DOOH publishers optimize operations and revenue.”

The source added, “Verizon Digital Signage customers also have access to this offering, providing a full CMS and monetization solution. In unveiling this, we believe Verizon Media can be a powerful partner for the DOOH industry.”

Included in this launch is Impression Multiplier Support, which takes into account how many people are likely to be viewing the out of home ad when it runs. “This will help create a better feedback loop between publishers and buyers,” the source stated.

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