The Manufacturing Stack

Manufacturing today is not an old-fashioned industry — it takes marketing technology to scale the processes that bring products into the imaginations of buyers.

Manufacturers managing their stacks on CabinetM have the same fight as other in marketing operations — how to rationalize the technology they have, how to manage its use, and how to keep spend in line.

Read more, and see the full stack graphic here.

And don’t forget to check out CabinetM’s new workbook, “Attack Your Stack,” distributed in assocation with DMN here.

Authored by Anita Brearton, CabinetM founder and CEO, Attack Your Stack delivers insights derived from the hundreds of marketing stacks being managed on the CabinetM platform and from CabinetM’s community of marketing operations professionals.

“My goal in developing the workbook was to deliver insights in a form that was useful to marketing operations,” said Anita. “The workbook is succinct, filled with worksheets to invite the scribbling of ideas, and covers the entire lifecycle of the marketing technology stack.”

Examples of key topics in Attack Your Stack

* Identifying stakeholders

* Stack architecture

* Stack auditing

* Stack strategy

* Product discovery

* Stack management

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