StrongMail will power Equifax e-mail

Business-to-business technology marketing services firm Equifax has selected e-mail service provider StrongMail to power its e-mail marketing product.


Under the terms of the agreement, Equifax clients that want to add e-mail to the marketing efforts that they are doing with the
firm will now be powered by StrongMail’s e-mail system on the back end.

comes as Equifax had outgrown its own in-house e-mail product, said Tracy Andersson, senior director of project management for the company.


“We needed to update of e-mail system with the new
authentication standards that have gone into play in the last few years, so we
went out and looked at several different solutions and for our business model
decided to go with an MTA [message transfer agent],” said Andersson. “StrongMail’s offer fit what we were
looking for.”


Equifax offers e-mail as a product line for both retention
e-mail and acquisition e-mail. Through its clients, the firm sends multiple millions
of messages a month. By centralizing its marketing e-mail services on
StrongMail, they can more precisely measure data and automate e-mail messaging.


“For us, it is vital that we have a functional system in
place to serve our clients’ needs,” added Andersson.


Equifax plans to do some marketing around this new e-mail
offer during the upcoming quarters.


“We’re seeing a lot of questions about e-mail from many
different verticals that we work with, there is a lot of curiosity out there
about testing e-mail and seeing how it can work,” said Andersson.

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