Stamp your direct mail with QR codes

QR codes are everywhere. But rarely are they being used effectively. The majority of marketers today use static QR codes that capture only aggregate behaviors. Using a personalized QR code in print media will make more effective and actionable measurement a reality.

Despite information that seems contrary, many of us still like the unobtrusiveness that print media offers, while we also enjoy the speed and agility the digital world provides. An average of 79% of households are either reading or scanning advertising mail sent to their homes, according to a 2009 study by the US Postal Service. Compare that to average email open rates, which are typically between 20-40% and may come at a time when the recipient is multitasking or distracted.  

Marketers can reap the benefits that both offline and online communications have to offer by using personalized QR Codes on print media, enabling them to understand who snaps, how many times, who converts and who orders from your mail campaign. The measurable results offer new opportunities for more meaningful communication and creative on future campaigns.

With 8% of mobile phone owners stating they scan barcodes and QR Codes with their phones, according to a new Mobile Report from Experian Simmons, consider the additional options available to further entice those who came to your site through a QR code. This action can lead to triggered email campaigns directed at those who visited your site and made a purchase, as well as those who visited and abandoned their carts. You now have a browsing history and can tailor future communications based on your customers’ initial interest, making the experience more timely and relevant for them and increasing the chance of building a relationship. 

The QR code also can help you understand which of your customers are brand evangelists. You can measure the snaps from many unique mobile devices generated by a single QR impression to identify the universe of those customers who are actually doing acquisition work for you. This is more digitally friendly than a customer sharing a customer code found in traditional marketing efforts. 

Incentives available to mailers make this an even better strategy for direct marketers. Through August, there is a 3% postage discount to all mailers who include a two-dimensional barcode on mail pieces. You can certainly increase the value of your direct mail by integrating digital content via mobile barcodes.   

Personalizing the QR code and tracking the behavior metrics behind the multiple touch points from a specific consumer is a marketer’s dream. To be most effective, take advantage of the high view/open rates that print offers, while ensuring you have a sound framework to capture and leverage the response data generated from the codes and recognizing a potential reduction in the postage you are currently paying.

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