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Sprout Social, Twitter Launch Bot for Consumer Issues

Sprout Social, in an exclusive partnership and joint product development with Twitter, has officially launched a Bot Builder, which will provide brands with a new set of tools to help resolve consumer issues, as well as offering unique marketing experiences for customers and followers.

Brands, many of which have relied on third parties to develop bots, will now be able to take advantage of a solution that can deploy Twitter chatbots in a matter of minutes without the need for coding.

“Automation should not replace human agents, but augment their workflow to result in better and faster outcomes,” said Aaron Rankin, CTO of Sprout Social, in a company press release.”

This is expected to significantly decrease the average wait time for customers experience in receiving a response, as brands are currently averaging 2,742 inbound messages per social account in a quarter.

According to Sprout Social, 12% of brands are responding to their customers’ queries on social at all; and when they do respond, it takes them an average of 11 hours to get back to their customers.

“Brands can rely on the bot to quickly and consistently collect customer information, so the agent has context even before their first interaction,” says Rankin.

Companies, like Evernote, a cross-platform, freemium app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving, are already witnessing results from the solution. In fact, since using Sprout’s Twitter Automation Tools, Evernote helped 80% more customers on Twitter per week and seen an 18 percent decrease in replies sent per conversation.

Twitter has recently launched upgrades for its direct message bots, such as buttons that were introduced that gave a bot the ability to sell products, share links, take actions within Twitter, or carry on conversation.

The social media giant has also brought bots directly into Twitter feeds, with a new ad unit that from one tap of a finger or click of the mouse into a Direct Message conversational experience with a brand.

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