SearchForce releases multichannel analytics tool

Bid management software-maker SearchForce has launched its “Cross-Channel Marketing Tracker” platform, a tool that agencies and brands can use to monitor online campaigns and conversions across numerous media. Search marketing agency Prime Visibility has signed on to use the tool.

Dhiren DSouza, president of SearchForce, said that the tool allows clients to cut down on the number of tools they use to track media.

“In general, there’s a lack of a centralized reporting system for marketers,” he explained. “Most agencies use multiple solutions to get that information, and when they do, it takes time to consolidate it because they’re using different solutions. This helps consolidate those efforts.”

Pamela Nelson, manager of the pay-per-click group at Prime Visibility, said the company will use the tool to manage its clients’ search campaigns.

“The software allows us to not only track Google, Yahoo and MSN, but also other media like [ads on] Facebook,, LinkedIn, e-mail and smaller engines to track conversions in the same interface,” she explained. “This means we can see our true performance and know that our money was spent wisely.”

She said that it’s important to be able to track performance across channels for budgeting and branding. “If someone sees our ad on Facebook, they might not actively be searching for a product, but when it comes time to search, they will have already been introduced to the brand,” she explained.

DSouza said the technology has been in development for six months.

The tool became available for clients on October 16. SearchForce operates as a software as a service (SaaS) model and charges clients a monthly fee.

SearchForce’s products can be used by agencies as well as brand advertisers. DSouza said that 60% of clients are agencies and 40% are advertisers.

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