Shedding the durable and familiar skin of Hybris, SAP’s front office portfolio re-emerged this summer as the SAP C/4 HANA suite, supporting the re-branded SAP Customer Experience.

The C/4 HANA nomenclature is clearly intended to echo S/4 HANA, the back office ERP suite which underpins SAP’s success an enterprise software vendor, and with which C/4 HANA will be fully integrated. It’s been said that the aim of C/4 HANA is to “blow the doors off Salesforce,” and there’s a wide perception that SAP has been frustrated at seeing valued back office customers choosing Salesforce as a front office solution.

To learn more about this major development, I spoke to SAP Customer Experience’s CMO, Kevin Cochrane, part of a re-tooled CX executive team alongside CEO Alex Atzberger.

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