RNC’s Anti-Obamacare campaign mobilizes online for #FullRepeal

The Republican National Committee‘s aggressive campaign to kill Obamacare, which kicked off after the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act in June, aimed to get its point across using a heavy dose of social and Web.

The RNC’s website drives traffic to a microsite where a YouTube video harangues viewers about the dangers of “a government takeover of healthcare.”

There’s a dedicated hashtag (#FullRepeal) that’s caught on with Republican bigwigs like House Speaker John Boehner, a “Repeal it Now” Facebook page with more than 77,000 “likes,” promoted tweets, and an online petition and fundraising drive.

The only problem is this campaign seems to be preaching to the choir. But say what you will, it’s a streamlined effort and the evangelists are enthusiastically evangelizing. As one tweeter tweeted: “Retweet if you agree with over 2/3rds of Americans and stand for a #FullRepeal of ObamaCare.”

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