RevOps Emerges as a Category

Here at DMN, we talk about marketing all the time. But as Sangram Vajre of the #FlipMyFunnel community has been constantly emphasizing, marketing’s value is defined by its success in creating revenue, even if it’s sales which closes the deals.

And it’s not just marketing. From product to branding, through sales, to customer success, a business’s success is almost universally tied to creating and growing revenue. Recognizing that is one way out of the silos.

Marketing operations. Sales operations. Customer success operations. For so many businesses, these operations are separated and siloed from each other. There’s interaction, sure, but so often those teams have different missions, distinct goals, exclusive KPIs. Maybe this all worked fine, but then the digital revolution took over. Speed, scale, and expanding customer expectations placed a greater demand on operational efficiency. Which means the aforementioned silos are no longer enough to keep up with the new ways of doing business. 

Organizing around revenue is a big step on the way to solving that problem.

Revenue operations, or RevOps — combining marketing, sales, and customer operations — integrates all of these separate components into a team driving towards a single goal. Because everyone should be in the business of growing revenue, it makes sense to put it all under one umbrella. The term isn’t brand new, but RevOps is starting to reach maturity as a category, driving accountability across the entire customer journey. Whether or not it’s owned by a Chief Revenue Officer, it’s becoming of key strategic importance, as recognized by SiriusDecisions and Forrester.

Which brings us to OpsStars, the first conference devoted to RevOps, created and hosted by LeanData. In San Francisco next week, it will showcase the latest thinking, including the RevOps journeys of some major brands. Speakers from Salesforce, SiriusDecisionsLeanData, and other leading vendors will be talking about ABM at scale, reducing churn, and the changing role of the CMO when it comes to revenue operations. One session title stands out: “Using Customer Journeys to Supercharge Your Revenue Engine.” The customer journey isn’t static and revenue operations should always monitor their CX strategy to make sure it is aligned with customer expectations. 

They’ll be speaking directly to DMN too in a series of exclusive Spotlight on OpsStars podcasts. Ready to learn about RevOps, or hypercharge your existing revenue operations? Watch this space.

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