Resolved on Better Marketing for 2018: Part Four

In 2018, my wish for marketing or marketing tech is….
For it to become more focused on the “human” on the other side of the screen and allow brands to create content that targets both the brand’s KPIs and the audience’s interest. Advertising and marketing are about creating a connection with consumers, and of all the forms of marketing, content marketing has the greatest potential to move people. — Anda Gansca, CEO, Knotch

In 2018, my marketing strategy is going to include…Influencer marketing. As we enter 2018, all signs point to the continuation of growth for the evolving industry. Since influencer marketing has expanded in popularity, the ecosystem of influencers, platforms and campaigns has also become more complex. Instead of leveraging a wide variety of point solutions, smart marketers are investing in an end-to-end influencer marketing solution for scalability, reliability and accuracy. — Tim Sovay, COO, CreatorIQ

In 2018, I need to see this happen in marketing or marketing tech: I would like to see a renewed sense of honesty and collaboration between brands, agencies and distribution channels — nobody benefits long-term from embellishing or being opaque about metrics. I want marketing technologies to help these relationships become productive, seamless and collaborative, as opposed to creating tension. — Anda Gansca, CEO, Knotch

In 2018, my marketing strategy is going to include…taking a closer look at the science of human behavior to help brands more deeply understand their customer. As we move to a world that is predominantly digital, it will be crucial to take existing behavioral science concepts and translate them into the business world, providing brands with the opportunity to understand what motivates their customer to use (or not use) their products and services. — John Marshall, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Lippincott

In 2018, my marketing strategy is going to include…More content. We, at Knotch, have always been on the other side of the coin — measuring the digital marketing and content efforts of some of the biggest and most innovative brands in the world. Our focus is the same thing — making brilliant content. Content is growing the pie for us and the rest of the media ecosystem, and it’s ultimately the best showcase of our own technology. — Anda Gansca, CEO, Knotch

In 2018, my wish for marketing is…to pursue two distinct tracks of innovation efforts (Track A and Track B), and don’t be afraid to take risks. If all investments are judged by a single set of criteria, sustaining the past will always beat creating the future. Consequently, fledgling growth enterprises (what we call Track B innovation) need separation from the pressures of the core, as well as access to the large-scale resources when there’s opportunity to go big. — John Marshall, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Lippincott

In 2018, I’m going to use marketing technology to…Make the internet a better, more interesting and more transparent place. — Anda Gansca, CEO, Knotch

In 2018, I need to see this happen in marketing or marketing tech: Stop selling and buying hype. People may come for the hype, but they stay for the authenticity, the value and the trust in the brands they invest in. Judd Marcello, EVP, Global Marketing, Cheetah Digital

In 2018, my wish for marketing or marketing tech is…to finally do something about the proliferation of tons of disparate marketing data from different sources – publisher data, CRM, e-commerce…all things that are segregated, siloed and don’t talk to each other by default. It’s only when marketers can combine the collective insights from all their data, from all their relevant sources, that they can paint a complete and holistic picture of their audience and full understand exactly how their sales funnel is working…and which parts need improvement. — Chaitanya Chandrasekar, CEO, QuanticMind

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