Pinterest’s new “Follow” button allows users to preview a brand’s latest pins

Pinterest is updating its “Follow” button, enabling it to show a preview of the brand’s latest pins to potential followers.

Writing on the company’s business blog, Pinterest product manager Jason Costa said:

People visit many different websites each day, and it can be hard for them to find and follow those businesses back on Pinterest. Helping people find the latest Pins from their favorite brands and publishers on Pinterest is an important way for them to discover stuff they like, and we’re hoping to make that easier today with an updated Follow button.

Now, when a brand website visitor clicks on a Pinterest follow button, they will see a dialog box which displays the brand’s latest pins, essentially giving them a preview of what following that brand will look like in their Pinterest feeds. Once they click on the follow button, the brand’s pins will automatically start displaying in users’ feeds, without them having to leave the brand’s website.

Here’s what it looks like:

It’s another commerce friendly move from Pinterest, which only recently started offering advertising on its platform. Last month Pinterest introduced a self-serve advertising portal for a select number of brands. By turning its Follow button into a mini-promotion for the brand’s content, Pinterest is giving marketers an opportunity to hold on to one time website visitors, enticing them with attractive displays and reducing friction in the Follow process.

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