Wear it with Pride

Agency: M&C Saatchi/Mark
Client: Acon

M&C Saatchi/Mark designed an educational effort following government reforms to 85 laws involving same-sex couples for Acon, a community-based GLBT health and HIV/AIDS organization. The campaign featured T-shirts with artist-designed illustrations of each reform. Judges praised the agency for turning T-shirt wearers into billboards and for expertly handling a complex issue. “Wonderful art direction that turns people wearing beautiful T-shirts into walking media,” said one judge. “Tremendous work,” noted another. “Outstanding art direction and design.” All T-shirts were sold with a reform explanation and featured a URL to drive people online for more information. On a budget of $53,000, the campaign delivered an ROI of 6,126%.

Executive Creative Director
Gavin McLeod, Ben Welsh

Creative Group Head
Genevieve Hoey

Senior Art Director
Hannes Ciatti

Art Director
Ben Huxter

Client Changes Welcome

Agency: Draftfcb New Zealand
Client: Noel Leeming Group’s Bond and Bond

Draftfcb’s New Zealand team devised a billboard concept featuring movable magnetic letters, like the ones used on refrigerators. It aimed to provide ultimate flexibility for appliance, computer and electronics retailer Bond and Bond, which is prone to change pricing and products on very short notice. The billboard was placed directly across the street from a Bond and Bond superstore, and the letters were rearranged whenever necessary to spell out the retailer’s weekly pricing and products. “The billboard acted as a giant and very colorful call to action,” the agency said. “It was a charming way to react to constant price changes, and very different to the traditional retail hard-sell.” In addition to garnering plenty of praise and attention from both consumers and industry colleagues, the campaign also delivered great results for Bond and Bond. Foot traffic increased 7.2% and sales of laundry and refrigeration appliances were up 17.7% for the month of June 2010 compared with the prior month.

Executive Creative Director
James Mok

Creative Directors
Billy McQueen, Chris Schofield

Art Director
Leisa Wall

Jane Langley

Headless Horseman

Agency: DDB Group Melbourne
Client: Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)

By giving the public free rides to a Tim Burton exhibition in a carriage driven by a headless horseman, this campaign gave ACMI an edge in the competitive arts market of Melbourne, Australia and helped propel record breaking attendance numbers. “The gothic carriage drew inspiration from Burton’s macabre and odd sense of humor in films such as Sleepy Hollow,” the agency explained. “Not only did the carriage create a visual spectacle around Melbourne, it also gave people a taste of what to expect at the Tim Burton exhibition.” All of the rides were free, providing additional incentive to families looking for entertainment while staying on a budget. Judges loved the effort, calling it “very clever,” an interesting “eye-opener,” and a “great way to demonstrate the show and to create audience participation.” It became the most successful exhibit in ACMI’s history, drawing record opening week attendance of 23,150 people. A previous daily attendance record of 3,603 was also beat when the exhibit attracted more than 4,227 people in a single day.

Executive Creative Director
Grant Rutherford

Creative Directors
Glen Dickson, Ruben Cirugeda

Art Directors
Ben Green, Lee Sunter

Pat Lennox, Andre Hull


Real Stories

Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: TVNZ (TV ONE)

Poignant and powerful handwritten letters from soldiers who fought in Japan inspired this outdoor installation that helped TV ONE attract enormous viewership of Steven Spielberg’s series The Pacific. Hundreds of copies of realistic replicas of the letters with photos were posted on a 20-meter wall in central Auckland. Letters featured the line: “Millions of stories. One epic storyteller,” and they were free for the public to read and take away. “A nice, simple idea,” said one judge.

Executive Creative Director
Nick Worthington

Art Directors/Copywriters
Rebecca Johnson-Pond, Kimberley Ragan

The Value of a Coin

Agency: Wunderman
Client: Terre des Hommes

This 24-hour ambient action campaign on Human Rights Day raised funds and awareness for Switzerland-based NGO Terre des Hommes. The campaign targeted men in restaurants in Basel, confronting them with information about starvation in Tanzania. The idea that small change can make a big difference was stressed by noting that the target audience didn’t need to pick up stray coins in order to live, and that they could donate them to those in need.

Chief Creative Officer
Markus Gut

Executive Creative Director
Philipp Skrabal

Samuel Textor

Art Director
Michael Gallmann


Lotus Knows

Agency: OgilvyOne London
Client: IBM

This campaign used the popularity of Wimbledon to show the broad capabilities of IBM’s Lotus, which was perceived as limited to e-mail. Targeting senior business leaders, the team combined tournament score data, flight data and nationalities of top seeded players to deliver customized messages and live scores. For example, passengers on BA738 to Geneva received real-time updates on player Roger Federer’s progress. Website visits increased 300%.

Creative Directors
Emma De La Fosse, Charlie Wilson

Art Director
Krystal Knight

Katriona Gordon

Drink Small

Agency: Wunderman Sydney
Client: Australian Direct Marketing Agency Council (ADMA)

This team wanted to strengthen the relationship between members ofW the Sydney, Austraila, ad community, so it devised a way to bring everyone closer together — much closer. It invited direct marketing professionals to a bar that’s a mere 3 yards by 10, appropriately named “Small Bar.” Two posters parodied Bernbach’s famous “Think Small” and “Lemon” advertising for Volkswagen. A total of 76 ad pros squeezed in before everyone was kicked out.

Executive Creative Director
Matt Batten

Art Director
Matt Batten

Head of Copy
Jason Stubbs

Neil Harris


Eurostation Recruitement
Agency: LUON
Client: Eurostation Euro Immo Star
CD: Onno Hesselink

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