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Out-of-Home Advertising Gets a Jump Start from Wrapped Cars

Traditional media are being digitally transformed. In this way, they become less traditional. But by transforming, they can make an impact on cross-channel campaigns. Linear TV comes to mind as an example of how a traditional medium can get powered up by data to leverage an existing mass audience. (A data provider like EDO uses search behavior to bolster linear, as Scott Grunther explained to me in a recent podcast.)

Billboards and out-of-home (OOH) signage have seen, arguably, a more profound reboot recently. In the case of Linear TV, the data keeps traditional TV treading water as connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) offerings attract more eyeballs and ad spend.

OOH, on the other hand, is growing. What used to be static posters are now self-changing digital (DOOH) screens. And they can interact, cross-channel, with consumers on their mobile phones as they walk by. Marketers always theorized that OOH made an impact, but now they have location-specific data to prove the lift.

MAGNA found OOH as the only traditional medium to grow in ad spend in 2018, and eMarketer projects OOH as the fastest-growing traditional medium this year.

OOH ads that move around add another dimension to this data-driven strategy. San Diego-based orchestrators Wrapify deploy hired drivers with sign-covered cars to swarm key markets, building – and measuring – brand awareness for both consumer and corporate businesses.

Out-of-home on wheels

As an adtech platform, Wrapify achieves measurable results for brand heavyweights like Coca-Cola and AT&T. B2B clients include Salesforce.

They’ve demonstrated the lift from a current effort with customer data infrastructure provider Segment, in three select markets thus far.

The campaign began in June, in Austin, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. Executions conclude in Austin this week, but will continue in the other cities until December.

Wrapify CEO James Heller told me, “The interesting thing about this campaign with Segment is that they are also running other OOH in Austin, LA, and Minneapolis. When you see that we are measuring a positive lift in each market from those exposed to Wrapify, you can’t help but conclude how high of a recall wrapped vehicles produce. We amplify and increase the results of other OOH.”

Branded cars in these markets drove users to Segment’s website. Minneapolis cars have generated an increase of 100 percent lift in web traffic.

Austin boosted web traffic by 186 percent, and Los Angeles executions have scored 381 percent lift.

Branded results tailored for business goals

The cars, operated by hired drivers vetted by Wrapify, provide precision targeting ideal for specialized B2B efforts.

“Not only are we providing a positive lift,” Heller explained, “but we are also deploying these high-recall vehicles strategically in each market. Prior to launch, Segment provided target accounts for their ABM efforts. We created a custom campaign zone around those target accounts and deployed ‘Swarm’ activation around their HQs throughout the campaign.” 

Chipper Nicodemus, senior manager, acquisition (SEO and paid media) for Segment, outlined the two-fold strategy from the client’s perspective. They wanted to raise brand awareness, as well as “make a meaningful impact with key prospects.”

He told me, “Wrapify helped us break into markets with a different medium than traditional static billboards. In some smaller cities, there was limited or no out-of-home inventory on the ‘ground level.’

Nicodemus added, “Wrapify gives us an entry that is dynamic, different and eye-catching, no matter what market we’re working in. Wrapify helped us get in front of the right people.”

“Segment was able to successfully measure what Wrapify’s targeted OOH exposure actually generated in terms of online visitation and conversion on Segment’s website,” Heller said.

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