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Outdoor posters hype album

The Offer: To promote the release of British rock band Dry the River‘s new album “No Rest,” Sony Music Entertainment developed a guerilla outdoor advertising campaign with a dimensional element directing passersby to the band’s site, DrytheRiver.net.?

The Data: The outdoor campaign has no data-collection element, but the call-to-action drives users to the site, where visitors can purchase the band’s album or interact with various types of content, including album sample tracks, video footage and blog updates about the band’s whereabouts.?

The Channel: Each 3-D poster was mounted on a solid board and hung throughout the city of London, forcing pedestrians on the sidewalk to take notice of the oversized horse heads. The equestrian theme reflects the cover art for the band’s latest album. ?

The Creative: The paper-craft horse torsos were built using Google SketchUp, a 3-D imaging tool, and then ?assembled by hand. Each poster took 35 hours to construct. Foam, a London-based creative advertising agency founded by Sony Music Entertainment’s Steve Milbourne and Phil Clandillon, which is part of Sony, handled ?the creative. ?


Dylan Taylor is executive creative director of BMF. Taylor was the first Australian to be awarded the Irving Wunderman Award for lifetime achievement at the John Caples International Awards in 2008. He is on the Caples executive committee.

Unless you are die-hard fan, you might think you are being directed to a cardboard engineer’s blog. Visitors can become Facebook fans or receive emails, but what next? The channel is “obscure ambient.” I thought this YouTube comment — “I wonder how long till [someone] comes and vandalizes the beautiful piece of art” — summed it up, unfortunately. All in all, a bit too niche and obscure.?

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