Oracle Seeds Its Marketing Cloud With New Goodies

Two of the items that have turned up on the plates of most marketers this year are mobile integration and sales attribution, and Oracle has responded to their needs with new additions to its marketing cloud.

Enhancements to Oracle’s Engage tool will allow salespeople to make pre-loaded campaigns and content accessible on mobile devices. At the same time, updates to Profiler let reps gain a more holistic view of customers through a new Google Chrome extension.

For marketers, improved in-app messaging promises simpler transmission of relevant messages within the context of mobile applications. The messages no longer need to be stored in apps themselves, but instead can be orchestrated alongside email, social, push, and other channels.

Marketers feeling greater pressure to prove their top line contributions to upper management should find useful a new set of dashboards designed by Oracle to analyze what content and cross-channel interactions drive conversions.

Other additions to the Oracle cloud include multivariate testing and a self-service tool for integrating audience data into advertising and media platforms.

“Marketing’s ability to modernize existing processes and embrace data, technology, and content will increasingly define its success,” said Kevin Akeroyd, SVP and GM, Oracle Marketing Cloud, in a press release. “This will require a significant transformation and that is why we are so focused on making marketing technology more integrated, more holistic, and, frankly, easier to use.”

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